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Salt and Earth Photoshoot

Branding, Photography, Styling, Social and Web... these are the words that popped out when I went onto Salt and Earth's instagram page @salt_andearth They are dedicated to crafting beautiful brands with mindful design and I immediately knew I had to work with them.

My personal branding is essential in that it depict who I am and what my values are. I cannot stress enough how important it is to build and have an authentic personal brand as this is how you attract brands that are aligned to your passion and core purpose (apparently mine is young female professionals).

This is necessary in that this is how you get headhunted for your next job and this is how you build a network like minded individuals who share in the same values and vision from across the globe.

My first impression of Salt and Earth was that they are highly professional. Before the shoot Carmen (owner and photographer) sent a brief including various themes, colour schemes and potential outfits. Given that it is a Profile and Corporate shoot this is essential especially when working with well-known as well as smaller brands in that it showcases the photographer's vision.

The next thing that I noticed and is important for me is the location. Salt and Earth is situation at the Light Station Studio which has a lovely garden as I drove through the driveway to the studio. The studio is any photographer's and model's dream equipped with coffee station, make-up and change area as well as various backgrounds to ensure the perfect shot. My favourite background was by the coffee station entrance where she used the garden as a backdrop and the natural light to enhance the photo.

Personally, I look forward to working with Carmen and the Salt and Earth team again as the pictures are professional, the photographer is friendly and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I received the picture in a timely manner and as you can see they they are absolutely amazing. I often say that beauty is in the hands of the photographer as they need to see the picture before they can take it and with the correct angles and lighting bring their vision to life. I am happy to say that Salt and Water achieved this for me :)

If you would like to plan your own corporate or lifestyle shoot get in touch via their social media @salt_andearth on instagram and their new website will be up and running soon

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