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De Hoop Reserve with Luxuria Lifestyle SA

De Hoop Reserve is an amazing oasis outside of Cape Town. It is a world class nature reserve and the best on land whale watching site.

I had an opportunity to visit this establishment through Luxuria Lifestyle SA and I am glad to say that the trip was an extremely enjoyable one.

The city living has nothing on this protected gem with indigenous fynbos and wildlife running freely. We are merely just an addition to their world and not making them adapt to us.

It is a remote area with bird watching site, nature drive experience and marine tour. It is unfortunate that there has been droughts and as such the Eco boat ride was no longer operational.

We only had the opportunity to spend the weekend at De Hoop and would have loved to go on the 5 day coastline hike.

The people, Herald and William, made the trip as they shared their stories of their love of nature and how they got to work at De Hoop.

The culinary experience was top class and the local wines unforgettable. If you are ever in a position to plan your next trip, De Hoop Reserve should be top of your list.

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