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How a small decision can turn your life around

I found myself wondering whether I had made the right decision. Barely 6 months into my new job and we were faced with an international pandemic while experts are still trying to find evidence on whether this pandemic is a black swan or not.

I the other day I in a AWC Leadership & Development class where we were discussing: Where to from here? I had done my homework for that day by digging deep into my previous decisions were I had to make a choice. I looked at all those calculated decisions that had brought me to where I was today.

The take home from this engaging and eye-opening session is that situations might not be in your control but how you react is. Fear often cripples us more that the item we fear. We so often fear the unknown that the know present passes us by so quickly that we wake up one day and its almost December again. Resolutions made are nowhere to be met. Goals and ambitions have been forgotten in the midst of trying to keep up a visade that doesn't reflect an ounce of who we are.

Self-awareness is critical, Authenticity is a non-negotiable. When making decisions think of the short as well as the long term gains, as sometimes what seems as a step back is what will put you years ahead of your game.

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