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Luxuria Lifestyle wins Luxury Lifestyle Award 2020

The vivid and evolving world of luxury is always rich in interesting events, stunning personalities, exciting trends, and premium services that deserve to be known.

All that a curious reader needs to do is choose a worthy, reliable, and interesting source of information about the different sides of a wealthy lifestyle. The team of Luxury Lifestyle Awards is delighted to recommend such a source and announces the recognition of Luxuria Lifestyle International as the winner in the category of The Best Luxury Lifestyle Digital Magazine in the World.

Luxuria Lifestyle International is one of the most renowned luxury lifestyle e-magazine groups in the world that covers all areas of affluent lifestyle globally.

Currently, the company has eight offices strategically positioned across the world, which allows it to promptly cover all the most interesting luxury news from different continents, countries, and cities.

Luxuria Lifestyle is a comprehensive guide to a wealthy lifestyle, featuring informative and engaging articles on the world’s most luxurious goods and services, as well as industry news, reviews, features, and exclusive consumer business events for luxury connoisseurs, corporate businesses and the wealthy consumers from around the globe.

An extensive Luxuria Lifestyle team of professional writers, editors, and social media brand ambassadors experience everything about luxury from around the world and provide readers with unbiased content about the best products and services that money can buy.

As experienced industry insiders, the Luxuria Lifestyle International authors are able to provide their discerning readership the latest relevant news about the forthcoming events and activities, the new luxury market offers and opportunities, recent trends, and changing insights.

“We are deeply honored, proud, and very excited to carry the prestigious title of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards winner. A lot of work has been done by each member of our international team to achieve such a high level, and we are grateful to the LLA experts for their unbiased assessment of our global achievements,” said Kevin Rose Founder and Global CEO of Luxuria lifestyle International.

The audience of Luxuria Lifestyle International is composed of wealthy consumers and leading entrepreneurs who value exquisite things and prefer uncompromisingly high quality in everything that surrounds them, including cars, yachts, jets, watches, jewelry, as well as travel, real estate, dining, concierge services, and other premium luxury lifestyle products and services.

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