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Motivation Monday

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I started the fitness challenge with @waterfallcity_ac 18 days ago. I nailed a couple of days, according to me, and skipped what seems like literally the whole challenge and now it’s day 18... 😅

I would say finish strong but the one thing I am proud of is that I have been consistent in my afternoon walks. I do not go more than 3 days without a 20-30 min walk ie I work out twice a week which is a good start as I am not trying to win the comrades marathon but would like to complete it one day...

The moral of the story is to be consistent. We often fall off the wagon once in a while the trick is to not stay down. Eating 6 Oreos is ok just don’t add two more slices of cake while you are down there. Even though, I would not be caught eating 6 Oreos but I can eat a 2 liter plain vanilla ice cream tab by myself and be super chuffed that I finished it... at least I got some calcium out of it... we often use biases to strengthen our own flawed view and excuses to justify our habits but I often hear my former CEO saying in the words of Michael Jackson “I am looking at the man in the mirror, I am looking if he will change his ways” Let us not judge one another but be the change which we seek... “take a look at that face staring back at you and make that change”. Start small and build yourself up as we often are our own worst critic and break ourselves up for unrealistic expectations that we set for ourselves.

What change do you want to see in you and in the world and what change will you do today to get there?

PS this picture was taken at De Hoop Reserve curtesy of Luxuria Lifestyle SA 🌸

















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